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Fertilizer market chaos, how to buy really high-quality water-soluble fertilizer?

Release time: 2023-10-25

      Water-soluble fertilizer has always occupied an important position in the market share of agricultural materials。As a new type of environmental protection fertilizer, it is easy to use, can be sprayed, irrigated, and can be combined with spray drip irrigation, which has obvious advantages in improving fertilizer utilization rate, saving agricultural water, reducing ecological environmental pollution, improving crop quality and reducing labor。 

      In recent years, compared with conventional water-soluble fertilizer, a large number of elements water-soluble fertilizer with higher fertilizer efficiency, higher utilization rate, and more affinity to the soil has become a rising star, and has become the object sought after by the majority of dealers and farmers。↓↓↓ 

      1.Achieve the integration of water and fertilizer 

      The application of water and fertilizer with water and fertilizer, to achieve the integration of water and fertilizer, high fertilization efficiency, and can reduce the total amount of fertilization, play the synergistic effect of fertilizer and water, so that the utilization efficiency of fertilizer and water are significantly improved。 

      2.High utilization rate, fast fertilizer effect 

      The fertilizer efficiency is fast, which can solve the nutritional needs of high-yield crops during the rapid growth period, so that growers can quickly see the effect and performance of fertilizers, and can adjust the fertilizer formula according to different growth trends and growth periods of crops。 

      3.Reduce labor costs 

      In the process of fertilization, almost no labor can be used, which greatly saves labor costs. At present, more and more soil and fertilizer experts, agricultural technology extension experts, agricultural material dealers and farmers realize the importance of water-soluble fertilizers。 

      That's why water-soluble fertilizers are becoming more and more popular。 

      Poor product selection not only affects the quality of the crop, but also affects the yield of the crop。The choice of high-quality products first depends on the manufacturer, depending on the manufacturer's production years, the manufacturer's scale, whether the manufacturer has complete documents, whether there is research and development and production capacity。 

      Improving quality and efficiency, choosing high-quality water-soluble fertilizer is the core competition!

      (来源:Hot agricultural chemical investment network)