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Jixing property management business


        Hebei Jixing Property Service Co., Ltd. was established in December 1998, the company is located in Shijiazhuang City, 151 North Shengli Street Jixing Building B Building 7 floor, registered capital of 3 million yuan, second class qualification。Main business: Property management, hardware and electricity, daily necessities, building materials, decoration materials wholesale, retail, housing rental。
        The company is a member of China Property Management Association and vice president of Shijiazhuang Property Management Association。
        The company is currently responsible for six projects and four types of property management (residential, office, commercial, school), with a management area of nearly 670,000 square meters。All the employees of the company have worked hard for several years,To "service first,Pursuit of perfection "for the purpose,Guided by the company's quality policy of "integrity and law-abiding, standards and norms, highlighting humanity and sustainable development",Based on the company's quality goal of "95% customer satisfaction",Create convenient, comfortable and elegant living, office and business environment for residents and customers。In order to further standardize the work of property management,Improve service level,Company since December 2001,Began to implement ISO9001:2008 "Quality Management system requirements" standard,At the end of 2002, it successfully passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements。Through several years of application, the service level of various work of the property company has been further standardized, standard and scientific, and has achieved better economic and social benefits。2000年,The Jixing Garden residential district managed by the property company has been awarded the title of "Excellent Property Management District", "civilized District" and "Green Standard residential district" in Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City by the Hebei Department of Construction, the CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and the Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government,The property company was rated as the advanced unit of property management by Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government;The year 2009,The "Jixing Zun Garden" residential district and "Jixing Building" office building managed by the company were rated as municipal excellent property management district (building);In 2010, Jixing Zun Garden was rated as provincial excellent residential district;From 2001 to 2006, the property company was rated as "Advanced Unit of Property Management" by Shijiazhuang Association of Things for six consecutive years;In 2001, it was rated as "popular Science Building" by Shijiazhuang Municipal Propaganda Department, Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Association, and Provincial Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office;In 2004, the property company was rated as "Quality, credibility demonstration unit" by Hebei Provincial Association of Business Administration。2003-2015年连续12年被评为“省会知名品牌物业管理企业”称号; 2011年物业公司被石家庄市物业协会评为“物业服务企业综合实力30强”;2012年冀兴尊园小区被评为“园林绿化小区” ;物业公司经理多次被石家庄市物业协会评为“物业管理先进个人”,In 2011, he was awarded as "Senior Property Manager" by China Association of Things, provincial and Municipal Association of Things.,In 2015, Shijiazhuang Municipal Housing and Security Bureau won the "Group Excellence Award" and "Spiritual Civilization Award" in the "Post Training" and "Post Skills Competition" of the city's property management industry.。

        Add: B703, Jixing Building, 151 Shengli North Street, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province