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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will arrange flood control and drought relief work

Release time: 2023-05-09

      At present, the country has entered the main flood season, and there have been several rounds of heavy rainfall in the south recently, and some areas have suffered floods, and flood control and drought relief have entered the critical period。According to the China Meteorological Administration,The weather conditions in China during flood season this year are generally normal to deviation,Equal emphasis on drought and flood,Regional and phased drought and flood disasters are obvious,There are more extreme weather and climate events,Precipitation in the north and south of two rain belt,In the north, there may be more precipitation and heavy flooding,The precipitation in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River is obviously less, and high temperature and drought may occur,Typhoons mainly affect the coastal areas of South and East China,It's possible to head north。In order to scientifically and effectively respond to adverse meteorological conditions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued a notice, requiring all localities to do agricultural flood control and drought relief work in advance, strive to reduce the impact of disasters and losses, and strive to seize summer grain and annual grain harvest。 

      Attach great importance to the elaboration of implementation responsibilities。We must firmly establish the idea of fighting disasters and harvesting harvests,Enhance risk awareness,Stick to bottom-line thinking,Agricultural disaster prevention and reduction should be taken as an important task to realize the joint responsibility of the Party and the government for food security and improve food production,Strengthen organizational leadership,Strengthen technical guidance,Responsibilities for pre-disaster defense, emergency relief, and post-disaster recovery will be detailed,Make sure the disaster comes and things are taken care of,Technology is ready and materials are in reserve,Minimize disaster losses。 

      Make solid preparations before the flood。Strengthen communication and consultation with meteorological, water conservancy, emergency and other departments, and further improve the working mechanism of consultation, research and judgment, monitoring and early warning, and collaborative disposal。We will strengthen the prediction and prediction of disasters in the region, and formulate better targeted, technical and operational plans。We will carry out solid pre-flood inspections, comprehensively investigate and rectify risks and hidden dangers in key areas such as fisheries, agricultural reclamation, and agricultural machinery, and work hard to find and solve problems to ensure safe flood season。Seize the dispatch of disaster relief seeds, drought and flood relief equipment and other materials reserves, early maintenance of facilities and equipment, and sufficient emergency relief supplies。Relying on social service organizations such as agricultural machinery and plant protection, the formation of regular emergency service teams and regular emergency training exercises are carried out to ensure that they can be pulled, used and withstand at critical times。 

      We will promote disaster prevention and mitigation in different areas and categories。In northern China, both flood control and drought relief are needed。It is necessary to do a good job of dredging and dredging ditches as soon as possible, prepare flood drainage machinery in advance, adjust and transport diesel oil, water pumps and other relief materials, and rush to drain water in a timely manner。At the same time, local drought resistance preparations should be made in advance, especially in traditional drought-prone areas, more drought-resistance Wells should be drilled, irrigation facilities should be overhauled, more equipment should be prepared for water diversion, water lifting, water pulling and water delivery, and adequate agricultural disaster resistance preparations should be made。The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River should be protected against flood and high temperature and drought。It is necessary to work with the water conservancy department to do a good job in monitoring the water situation, strengthen the dam facilities, dredge the ditches in time, and rush to discharge the water in the fields to ensure the safety of the flood。We will give full play to the regulation and storage capacity and water supply potential of existing water conservancy projects, and promptly repair and build rainwater storage cellars, mountain ponds and DAMS to store rainwater and intercept surface water.The maintenance of drought-resistant machinery Wells and dredging of agricultural irrigation channels should be carried out as soon as possible to improve water diversion conditions and ensure emergency water for drought-resistant use。When high temperature and drought come, we should take shallow water irrigation, day irrigation and night drainage measures to reduce the loss of water temperature control。South and East China should focus on typhoon prevention。We should pay close attention to the formation and movement path of typhoons, especially those heading northward, pay equal attention to ensuring human safety and agricultural production, release early warning information in a timely manner, mobilize relevant waters to allow fishing boats to enter ports and fishermen to land, repair and reinforce breeding facilities in advance, and minimize disaster losses。After the disaster, timely drainage of stagnant water to promote the recovery of lying crops。Southwest China will fight drought to prevent a sharp turn in drought and flood。At present, the local drought in southwest China continues, so it is necessary to calculate the water account, arrange the water layout, and achieve "planting rice with water, changing the drought without water" to ensure that the seed is full。Efforts should be made to promote water-saving techniques for dry farming, such as rice seedling cultivation and mulching, to ensure proper sowing time。The areas with water sources should be watered and protected in time, and the plots should be plowed and replanted in accordance with local conditions。At the same time, do a good job of "drought and flood" prevention preparations。 

      We will provide guidance on disaster relief。Encryption of rain, moisture, disaster scheduling, early detection of emerging and trend problems, jointly with the meteorological department to issue early warning information, early preparation for response。Flood season adhere to the 24-hour duty system, the first time to control the disaster situation, scientific assessment of disaster losses。Establish a working mechanism for guarantee and contact, organize agricultural technicians and scientific and technological teams to go deep into the production line, provide classified guidance on packing sites, entering villages and households, carry out various forms of online training, and implement key measures for disaster prevention and mitigation。We will give full play to the role of social service organizations and the main body of new agricultural operations, and demonstrate and drive small farmers to respond to disasters scientifically。We will do a good job in adjusting and transporting seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, diesel and other relief materials for agricultural production to ensure that disaster relief needs are met。

      Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs