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Notice of the Committee of Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Group Co., Ltd. on the progress of inspection and rectification

Release time: 2023-10-24


      According to the unified deployment of the inspection work of the provincial Social and Party Group, the first inspection group of the Provincial Social and Party Group conducted a routine inspection of Hebei Agricultural Means of Production Group Co., Ltd. from October 9, 2022 to February 18, 2023。On April 6, the first inspection group of the provincial Social Party Group gave feedback on the inspection to the Party Committee of Hebei Agricultural Production Materials Group Co., LTD。In accordance with the relevant requirements of the inspection work, the progress of the inspection and rectification is now announced。

      First, the implementation of rectification as an important political task

      The Party committee of the company deeply recognizes that the inspection is a political inspection and a comprehensive "physical examination" of the company's work.。The questions and opinions and suggestions of the inspection team are accurate, objective, pertinent and profound, and the company's party committee sincerely accepts and treats them seriously。In the implementation of the rectification, the company's party committee takes the inspection of the rectification as a major political task, adheres to the root cause, draws a conclusion from one example, truly does not cover up the problem, does not avoid, and fully implements the rectification tasks with the most resolute attitude, the most positive approach, and the most decisive measures。

      (1) Quickly mobilize and deploy, and study and implement opinions。After the inspection team feedback meeting,The Party committee of the company held a meeting on the same day for special research,Clear rectification objectives,Decomposing rectification task,Implement the responsible persons and responsible units for rectification,All cadres and party members of the company are required to face the problem and have the courage to take responsibility,Sum up lessons carefully,Look deep into the cause,Clarify the content, time and requirements of rectification work,Ensure that ideas are in place, actions are in place, and implementation is in place。

      (2) Clarify rectification tasks and refine rectification measures。The Party committee of the company held two rectification meetings to clearly grasp the overall requirements and methods of inspection and rectification work。At the same time, the feedback problems and opinions and suggestions were sorted out one by one, the "Inspection and Rectification Work Ledger" was formulated, and the problem list, rectification measures, and responsibility list (including the completion time limit, responsible departments, and responsible persons) were listed, so as to achieve zero omission and full coverage of feedback opinions。On June 24, 2023, a democratic life of inspection and rectification was held, and the Party committee of the company closely focused on the feedback of inspection and rectification, carried out criticism and self-criticism, made analysis speeches one by one, clarified the rectification path, and promoted the inspection and rectification to go deep and solid。

      (3) The team led the demonstration and conducted the pressure step by step。The secretary of the Party Committee of the company personally deployed, personally coordinated and personally supervised the rectification work, and the other members of the team effectively strengthened the guidance and check of the rectification work of the units in charge in accordance with the requirements of "one post and two responsibilities"。All units perform their duties, cooperate closely and work together to implement the responsibility for the rectification problem one by one, and check the account number item by item to ensure that there are corrections and every piece has its place。

      Second, the effectiveness of the implementation of the rectification

      According to the feedback of the first inspection group, it was broken down into 13 items and 35 specific questions in 4 aspects。At present, 32 corrections have been completed, and 3 have been basically completed。

      (1) The implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and provincial Party committees is not in place, and there is a gap in promoting the high-quality development of enterprises


      (1) For "no emphasis on theoretical learning。The theoretical learning center group of the Party committee of the agricultural materials company is not standardized, and there is a problem of replacing the central group with the Party committee。First, we will carry out special study。公司党委理论学习中心组召开专题学习会议6次,学习了习近平总书记关于在河北考察时的重要讲话精神和习近平总书记在中央农村工作会议的新部署新要求,专题组织学习研讨《滚球体育》等内容。Second, establish a long-term mechanism。We will strictly implement the "first issue" system,Perfect the central group learning system,Make a study plan,The learning responsibilities of the central group are defined,Party Committee theory study center group study into the important agenda,Into the party building work responsibility system,Strengthen the link between Party Committee and Central Group learning and the "first issue",Ensure the standardization and effect of learning。Third, enrich the forms of learning。On May 27, the company organized all employees to go to Xiongan New Area and Baoding Baiyangdian to carry out the theme Party Day activities of "Feeling the spirit of The Times and gathering striving force"。通过足履身行的现场体验,深刻领悟习近平总书记关于河北的重要指示批示精神,增强对实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦的坚定信心,以雄安新区发展巨变的现实成果,激发党员干部职工干事创业、团结奋进的内生动力。

      (2) For "focusing on the main responsibility of the main business, the role of leading enterprises is not good enough.。The market share is not high, and the gap between the requirements of the provincial social Party group is large.。First, the core is to deeply cultivate the main business, effectively play a leading role, focus on key products, key businesses and key teams, accelerate the integration of internal resources and professional capabilities, innovate the business model, expand the scale of sales, strengthen the purchase and marketing, as of the end of August 2023, the purchase of fertilizer 321.40,000 tons, an increase of 48 percent year-on-year.20,000 tons, sales of fertilizer 273.90,000 tons, an increase of 26.40,000 tons, the scale of collection increased steadily。Second, we will do our best to ensure stable prices of agricultural supplies。As a key enterprise in 2023, the National Supply and marketing Cooperative General Bureau of agricultural supplies,Set up a special working group to coordinate and arrange the supply of spring ploughing agricultural materials,Public release of "Open Door Stability" Proposal,Increase sourcing,We will speed up the transfer of materials,Strict product quality,Increase preferential supply,Innovative marketing models and service methods,We will do our best to purchase, reserve and supply fertilizers and pesticides。The third is through the provincial, city, county three levels of supply and marketing cooperatives jointly build agricultural resources management system,Establish a purchasing and marketing alliance of agricultural materials at the provincial, city and county level,With interests as the bond,Integrate system resources,Give full play to the advantages of the system and the role of the main channel of circulation,Through collection, customization, direct supply,We will provide high-quality, affordable and green means of production for farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms, large growers and small farmers,We will ensure supply, stabilize prices and increase production,Further increase market share。It is expected that before the autumn planting in October this year, the agricultural capital management system will be fully covered by the whole province。As of the end of August, on the basis of last year, 165 new docking farmers, planting area 13.80,000 mu, the actual transaction of 132, the amount of fertilizer 4,655 tons, the amount of 1378.7万元。

      (3) For "playing the role of the main force of agricultural material circulation is not enough。The coverage of network construction is not wide enough, the scale of collection and direct supply is not large enough, the lack of union within the agricultural material system, and the business cooperation with the cities and counties is not close, and there is no business system through the top and bottom.。First, we will do a good job in conducting research。All the team members responsible for the management of agricultural materials went to various cities to implement the guarantee of agricultural materials and promote the management and construction of agricultural materials in the supply and marketing cooperatives of cities and counties。Through strengthening the internal cooperation of supply and marketing cooperatives,Fully investigate and understand the major agricultural growers with local characteristics,Close cooperation with large land growers all over the province,For some cities and counties that do not have agricultural materials management enterprises of supply and marketing cooperatives,We will do a good job in docking and cooperation with local supply and marketing cooperatives,Continue to explore the local market for agricultural materials,We will increase the scale of direct supply of agricultural capital。From March 28 to April 2, Hengshui and Cangzhou went to Hengshui and Cangzhou respectively to conduct field research on fully guaranteeing the stable price and supply of spring agricultural materials and how to drive county-level supply and marketing cooperatives to restore and strengthen the operation of agricultural materials and eliminate the blank county of agricultural materials management。On April 3 and April 6, two special meetings were held to formulate action plans for the restoration of the agricultural materials business of the city and county supply and marketing cooperatives, and a consensus was reached。The second is to accelerate the construction of the province's marketing service network system, improve the ability of agricultural comprehensive services, in accordance with the arrangement and deployment of the provincial community, the company actively strengthen the connection between the provincial, municipal and county three levels of supply and marketing cooperatives, the construction of agricultural supplies management service system covering the province, the channel, business and service sinking to the countryside, play the main role。On April 24 in Hengshui City, May 11 in Cangzhou City, May 18 in Shijiazhuang City, May 26 in Langfang City,Held the "Provincial, municipal and county three levels of supply and marketing cooperatives jointly build agricultural supplies management system and Hebei Province agricultural supplies purchasing and marketing Alliance establishment signing ceremony",Comprehensively promote the signing of joint operation agreements with 12 cities and counties of agricultural materials companies in the province,Signed an alliance agreement with county-level distributors for purchasing and marketing agricultural materials,Sign direct supply agreements with large growers。Third, we will expand the scale of collection and customization。Strengthen cooperation with cities and counties, continue to increase the total amount of collection and direct supply, and reduce procurement costs and circulation costs through batch procurement, direct allocation to the factory, direct supply of goods, and delivery to the countryside, and the current number of purchases is 321.40,000 tons, an increase of 48 percent year-on-year.20,000 tons, the scale of collection increased steadily year-on-year。Hebei Jinnong Fertilizer Co., Ltd. focuses on improving production and quality, and actively develops various types of special fertilizers in combination with the needs of soil testing formulations around the country, strives to expand the scale of customized fertilizer production and direct supply, and increases efforts to cultivate its own brands。

      2.On the problem of "there is a gap in the implementation of the decision and deployment of the Party group, and the action is slow"。

      (4) For the slow pace of transformation and upgrading of comprehensive agricultural services。Promote the organic combination of agricultural supplies sales and technical services, accelerate the agricultural supplies Internet application and demonstration project construction effect is not obvious, over the years, the company's business focus is still on the traditional varieties, the sales promotion of new products such as water-soluble fertilizer is not large enough, sales are not high。First, we will accelerate the transformation of comprehensive agricultural services,Combine sales with agricultural services,Establish an online sales platform,At present, we cooperate with China Construction Bank to launch "Shanrong Mall" to carry out agricultural information and technology services,Based on traditional agricultural markets and industrial fertilizers,Market segmentation to develop business areas,Actively expand the business categories,We will take the initiative to expand the variety and scale of new fertilizers, new drugs, seeds, agricultural machinery, agricultural film, and agricultural facility materials。The second is to promote agricultural development by agricultural technology services, and comprehensively enhance the ability to serve agriculture。Through cooperation to strengthen agriculture, circulation of farmers, services to benefit farmers, training and other forms of active farming,Strengthen online technical guidance and commodity supply,We will continue to provide services to rural areas, villages and households,We will accelerate the integration of online and offline development,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hebei Academy of Agricultural Sciences and local agricultural technology experts to form a team,More than 230 events such as technical training, live ordering, experimental viewing and new product promotion were held in major agricultural producing areas,To carry out soil testing formula and customized direct supply services for large grain growers, family farms, professional cooperatives and land trust companies,We will vigorously promote new types of slow-release controlled release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, and high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticides,Both established a good corporate image,New fertilizer and new drugs to expand the network direct supply, direct sales scale,And improve the cultivation management level of the majority of farmers,It has effectively promoted the development of local agricultural industry。The third is to accelerate the province's agricultural resources network infrastructure。We will accelerate the Shijiazhuang International dry port agricultural materials warehousing and logistics project,There are 36 provincial and county-level comprehensive service centers,Transform and upgrade 32 comprehensive service centers and demonstration stores in five regions,And in Hengshui, Cangzhou, Handan, Zhangjiakou and other places to screen suitable sites,New agricultural supplies storage facilities, comprehensive service centers and demonstration stores。At the same time, vigorously promote the company's original grass-roots network chain stores unified listing work, strengthen corporate publicity, expand the scale of business, and accelerate the formation of chain, brand, network business service pattern。

      (5) In response to the problem of "weak innovation, slow development of new business forms, and insufficient efforts to actively connect new agricultural business entities"。First, we will intensify innovation in service models。Direct contact with 4,100 growers,The planting area is 1.43 million mu,Actively carry out agricultural "farming, planting, management, harvesting, storage, marketing" the whole industrial chain of social services,Organize the production of soil testing formula fertilizer,Enable "customized" services,Use large agricultural harvesters, plant protection unmanned vehicles, flight prevention drones and other advanced agricultural machinery operations,Actively promote the development of new agricultural clothing models。Second, we will intensify innovation in business models。New sales platforms such as wechat mini programs have been developed, and by means of new retail and digital operation management, the traditional single channel sales model has changed to channel sales plus new retail model, so as to realize a new business model that combines supply and service, and integrates online and offline。Third, we need to innovate cooperation models。4月,Taiyuanzhuang Village Committee and Post-doctoral Rural Revitalization Industry Research Institute jointly built an experimental base in Taiyuanzhuang Smart Agricultural Park,Relying on the policy advantages, resource advantages, talent advantages and information advantages of the three parties,To provide comprehensive technical services for the development of modern smart agriculture,We will strengthen the promotion and application of new fertilizers, new drugs and new technologies。

      (6) In response to the problem of "the fund-raising problem of Jixing Company has not been properly solved according to the requirements of the provincial Social Party Group"。Actively coordinate and docking with Jixing company, Jixing company has completed all settlement and withdrawal。

      (7) For "implementing the requirements of the provincial social and Party groups to clear unpaid work is not strong enough。There is a gap between the recovery of arrears and the requirements of the provincial social Party group in 2022.。First, vigorously strengthen the efforts to clear the debt, set up a special class to clear the debt, responsible for promoting the establishment of a double clear work leading group with the secretary of the Party Committee as the leader, members of the party and government team and the person in charge of the functional department as members, and set up a double clear office to be fully responsible for the work of clearing the debt。The implementation of "one household one class, one case one class", for each arrears are set up by the company leaders, double clearing personnel, debt responsible person and lawyers composed of the collection team to ensure that the collection is strong。The second is the responsibility of compaction and joint efforts。Issued the "settlement responsibility letter", formulated the management measures for the settlement of debts, held regular special meetings for the settlement of debts, established a reminder and supervision system and a major reporting system, studied and dealt with specific issues such as in-kind payment, installment repayment, interest or late payment fee reduction in a timely manner, protected the legitimate rights and interests of the company, and accelerated the progress of the settlement of arrears。Third, take multiple measures at the same time and make breakthroughs in key areas。For customers who are still receiving payment, reassess the risk of arrears, and for customers with large risks, timely take appropriate legal means to respond to the lawsuit。The implementation of pre-litigation property preservation, timely seizure of debtors' assets, foreign equity, registered trademarks, bank accounts, etc., to ensure the effectiveness of litigation。For cases involving large amounts of money, complex situations and difficult settlement, we will continue to entrust strong law firms to implement risk representation。Take goods to offset accounts, assets to offset accounts, or through the lease of its factory, warehouse and other flexible ways to cap the arrears, reduce losses。As of the end of August, the arrears of 31.11 million yuan were recovered this year。

      3.On the problem of "the situation of risk prevention and control is grim, and it is difficult to resolve it"。

      (8) For the problem of "high asset-liability ratio, and showing a trend of year by year growth, there is a large financing risk"。First, accelerate the turnover rate of funds, increase the efforts to settle arrears, and strive to reduce financial costs, improve operating profit margins, and reduce the asset-liability ratio。Second, we will scientifically adjust the structure of loans, increase long-term loans and reduce short-term loans。Third, we have coordinated with banks to lower their lending rates. China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, CITIC and other banks have lowered their one-year lending rates, and Bank of Hebei has lowered their three-year lending rates。

      (9) For the problem of "large financing amount and heavy interest burden"。First, optimize the operation of funds, hold special meetings to study the operation of funds, and ensure reasonable planning and use of funds。The second is to formulate a reasonable financing plan, strive to reduce the financing amount, optimize the financing structure, and avoid excessive dependence。The third is to choose appropriate financing methods and channels to reduce financing costs。The necessary financing is lent from large state-owned policy banks and commercial banks。

      (10) For "insufficient funds for the main business。Impact on business operations。The first is to hold a meeting to study the operation of funds, analyze the formation of funds, and formulate a reasonable plan for the use of funds。The second is to strengthen the management of current assets and the settlement of precipitation funds, and recover part of the funds when the funds of the group company are loose, and make the greatest efforts to reduce the occupation of non-main business funds, on this basis, reduce the financing scale and reduce financing costs。The third is to accelerate the Shijiazhuang International dry port agricultural materials warehousing and logistics project, and actively strive for special financial support。

      (2) There is a gap in the implementation of the requirements of comprehensive and strict Party governance, and the implementation of the "two responsibilities" is not in place

      4.On the issue of "implementing the political responsibility of governing the Party and promoting integrity risk prevention measures are not in place"。

      (11) In response to "insufficient attention to the work of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party。The thematic research on comprehensively and strictly governing the Party is not enough, the pertinency is not strong, and there is a phenomenon of diminishing pressure transmission layers.。First, the Party committee regularly studies the party building work of the company,Organized and held two special meetings,We will study the work of strictly governing the Party,Issued the "Decomposition of Responsibility Goals for the Construction of Party Conduct and Clean Government in 2023", the "Implementation Plan for Continuously Deepening the rectification of the" Four Wind "and Style discipline", and the "List of Responsibilities for Implementing Comprehensive and Strict Party Governance".,We will comprehensively exercise strict self-governance over the Party and enterprises,Take the lead in implementing the Central Government's "eight-point Regulations",Persistent efforts to correct the "four winds"。Second, the Party committee should study ideological work at least twice during the year,Each layer at all levels of pressure code,Team members take the lead in implementing the Central Committee's "eight Provisions" and persevere in correcting the "four winds",Do a good job in the festival before and after the clean government reminder,We will work hard to improve pre-holiday discipline and work style,Constantly strengthen party members and cadres awareness of discipline rules,Create a clean and positive working atmosphere。The third is to comprehensively sort out and investigate the three risk points of clean government in investment guarantee, business operation, style construction and other aspects,Formulate 10 targeted and effective prevention and control measures,Make a list of clean government risks according to the excluded risk points,Paste on the wall in a prominent position,Always keep the risk alarm bell ringing,Urge cadres to be alert to risks, strictly observe the bottom line, and dare to take responsibility,Really "fence and stake"。

      (12) There is a gap in the implementation of the 'one post and two responsibilities'。The implementation of heart-to-heart talk system is not standardized, and it is mostly replaced by work talk and business talk。The prevention and control of risks and hidden dangers in the departments in charge, the inspection and supervision are not timely, and there are problems of good people, avoiding contradictions, and covering up shortcomings in the supervision of the execution of business power and the prevention and control of integrity risks。The first is to issue the "List of Responsibilities for the Implementation of the Main Body of the Party and Strictly Govern the Party", which clearly requires team members to earnestly fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities".。The second is to strictly implement the "one post and two responsibilities" and talk about the system, daily supervision to catch early and small, to achieve "six must talk", to achieve full coverage of reminders, as of June, a total of 12 talk about the heart。Third, strengthen system construction and inspection and supervision of departments in charge,The regulations and requirements of the heart-to-heart talk system should be clarified,Establish sound system processes and standards,Make the implementation of the heart-to-heart talk system more standardized,Check the implementation of the heart-to-heart talk system every quarter,It has been checked twice so far,Ensure the system is in place。

      (13) For "cadres and employees incorruptness and self-discipline education is not deep enough,The internal control system is not strictly implemented,Lack of regular supervision and inspection,Use negative textbook around you,The use of cases to promote reform, cases to promote education, cases to promote construction is not in place,The precise use of the "four forms" to catch early and small, prevent micro-gradually, and there are still weak links on the layers of defense。First, the Party committee of the company further strengthened the construction of party style and clean government,Issued the Key Points of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group Company in 2023,Give full and effective play to the supervision role of the company's disciplinary committee, audit and other departments,The second is to strictly supervise the implementation of various rules and regulations in the daily operation and management of enterprises,We will strengthen the supervision and accountability of discipline enforcement,Carry out the wall activity of "risk point of integrity",Clarify responsible departments, main responsible persons and responsible leaders,Make party members and cadres always self-alert self-examination,Improve prevention and control capacity,Accept supervision by the masses。The third is to organize all Party members and cadres and middle-level cadres to conduct thematic studies on comprehensively strict Party governance and anti-corruption, and watch warning educational films such as "Zero Tolerance" to build a strong ideological defense line of Party members and cadres to resist corruption and change from the source。四是召开党风廉政警示教育会议,深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于党的自我革命战略思想,以案为鉴、以案示警、以案明纪,教育引导公司广大党员干部自重自省自警自励,永葆忠诚干净担当的政治本色。

      5.On the issue of "risk of integrity in the company's financial management"。

      (14) For "financial system implementation is not in place。There are problems in individual companies, such as payment with ious, payment using personal bank cards, wechat, cash withdrawal, and confusion between company accounts and personal accounts。First, strictly implement the financial management system, standardize the financial process, and strengthen the internal supervision system and mechanism。Second, after the feedback of the inspection, we immediately carried out a special audit and rectification of the Fengan company, which used a large amount of cash, and standardized its use of funds according to the relevant financial system. At present, the non-standard phenomenon of the financial system of the company has been effectively remedied。

      (15) The lack of effective supervision of key positions。An accountant of Huamao Company used his position to misappropriate public funds for many times and has not been recovered。In 2021, Huaji Company legal person was held accountable for economic violations。First, strengthen the supervision of the company's disciplinary committee, audit and other departments, formulate and improve the "Internal audit system", as of June, 44 projects have been audited。The second is to strengthen the recovery efforts, for the losses that have been formed, litigation means are taken, and the economic losses caused by the illegal acts of the financial personnel of Huamao Company are increased to recover efforts, and 20,000 yuan has been recovered。The third is to carry out a special meeting on promoting reform with the case, notify the illegal cases of Huaji companies and legal persons, take the case as a mirror, strengthen the supervision awareness of party members and leading cadres, improve the prevention and control system of clean government, and achieve alarm bells。

      6.On the question of "formalism and bureaucracy still exist"。

      (16) For "team members to the grassroots research less。In the individual conversation, 8 people reflected that the leadership team listened to the report more, and took the initiative to listen to the voice of the staff in the front line。First, formulate research plans, strengthen contact with the grassroots, actively understand the grassroots situation, solve grassroots problems in a timely manner, and promote communication and exchange between team members and grassroots。In April, Hengshui and Cangzhou carried out field research on how to ensure the stable price and supply of spring agricultural materials and how to drive county-level supply and marketing cooperatives to restore and strengthen the operation of agricultural materials and eliminate the blank county of agricultural materials management。The second is to study advanced units in the standard industry,He has been to Sichuan Agricultural Materials Group to learn advanced experience in potash fertilizer business, urea futures, agricultural comprehensive service, enterprise management, etc.Went to Sichuan Yuntu Holdings to learn urea futures business;Went to Anhui Huilong Agricultural Materials Group Co., Ltd. to learn advanced experience in system construction and enterprise management;Went to China Yanhong Sifang Factory to learn the experience of enterprise party building and enterprise culture construction;Go to Inner Mongolia Tianyu Huijing Group to learn the advanced practices and experience of smart agriculture and agricultural whole industry chain services。The third is to form 6 research reports, summarize typical experience and practices according to the actual reflection, problems, and inspiration of the grassroots, and do a good job in the transformation of the results, and promote the landing of the research results。

      (17) In response to the phenomenon that "meetings implement meetings and documents implement documents, some implementation opinions are not specific and targeted.。First, formulate a clear implementation plan, clarify the responsible person and the division of responsibilities, and supervise and inspect the implementation plan in a timely manner。As of June, the node objectives of key tasks and key projects have been followed up and supervised for four times。The second is to produce and issue the "2023 Performance appraisal Plan", which defines the evaluation indicators, work processes, and organizational methods, and integrates the implementation work into the performance appraisal management to form a long-term mechanism。

      7.On the issue of "inadequate implementation of the ideological responsibility system"。

      (18) In response to "insufficient attention to ideological work。From 2020 to 2022, the Party Committee has no special research on ideological work, and most of the statements of the leadership team and its members do not involve ideological content.。First, a special ideological conference was held to analyze and judge the current situation and risk points in the ideological field, and the ideological work was arranged and deployed。The second is to strengthen organizational leadership, pay close attention to work in the field of ideology, and formulate ideological work systems and slogans。The third is to strengthen ideological propaganda and incorporate it into the enterprise development strategy and important agenda。

      (18) For "public opinion found insufficient disposal capacity。The public opinion emergency response team is not forward-looking enough to the new situation and new problems arising from ideology, online public opinion, petitioning, etc., and there is a lack of coping methods and ability level。First, establish and improve the public opinion monitoring and early warning mechanism, real-time monitoring and analysis of public opinion information, and timely discover and grasp the masses' concerns and reactions to enterprises。The second is to strengthen the training and learning of public opinion handling, and improve the ability and level of responding to public opinion。

      (3) The implementation of the Party's organizational line in the new era is not in place, and there are weak links in the selection and employment mechanism and party building work

      8.On the problem of "insufficient self-construction of the leading group"。

      (20) For "the role of team leader geese is not good enough。In terms of enterprise transformation and upgrading, the mind is not liberated enough, there is a fear of difficulties, and the ability to control the overall situation and overcome difficulties is insufficient.。First, strictly implement the rules and regulations of Party committee work and study, further improve and perfect the system 13, standardize the management of the team team, promote the standardization and normalization of theoretical learning, constantly strengthen the organizational leadership of the leadership team, and enhance the consciousness of market economy and pioneering spirit。The second is to arouse the wind of learning, focus on liberating the mind and changing the concept, on the basis of formulating the learning plan of the theoretical central group at the beginning of the year, further enrich the learning content according to the requirements of current affairs, strengthen the learning of scientific and technological agriculture, modern agriculture, digital economy and other knowledge, and comprehensively improve the overall quality and ability level of the leadership team。Third, strengthen team building,深入学习党的二十大精神和习近平总书记在河北考察时的重要讲话精神,Take the "come in, go out" approach,Carry out investigation and research in combination with thematic education activities,Has been to Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities excellent agricultural materials enterprises to carry out research,Learn advanced management experience of other enterprises,Broaden one's horizon and broaden one's knowledge,Further improve the team management decision-making ability。

      (21) In response to the "insufficient implementation of the 'triple one' system。Attention is not high enough。In 2019, the collapse risk of the foundation tank of Longhua commercial project was not timely reported to the group and the provincial community。First, strengthen the Party committee's leading role in all work, improve the Party committee meeting system, and fully reflect the direction, management of the overall situation, and ensure the implementation of the role。The second is to improve the "triple one" decision-making system, standardize the procedures of discussion and decision-making, clarify the scope of the Party committee and office meeting, and strictly implement it。The third is to screen the minutes of the Party committee and the general manager's office meeting of the past three years, and make a list of three major collective decisions, and self-check whether the group and the provincial community are reported in time, and whether the decisions are implemented in place。

      (22) The quality of democratic life is not high enough。Team members criticize each other, there is a problem of replacing criticism with work suggestions, and the problem of insufficient spicy taste。First, do a good job in thematic study。党委理论学习中心组为开好年度民主生活会和巡察整改民主生活会组织专题学习,认真学习习近平总书记关于全面从严治党重要论述和关于巡视工作的重要论述、《滚球体育》和落实巡察整改工作相关规定精神。Second, in-depth heart-to-heart talk。Study and adopt the "2022 Democratic Life Work Plan" and "Inspection and Rectification Special Democratic Life Work Plan"。During the democratic life, the Party secretary and the team members do a good job of heart-to-heart communication。Third, in-depth review and analysis。The Party committee held a democratic life of inspection and rectification, seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism, and effectively achieved the effect of "red-faced sweating and detoxification"。Adhere to the problem-oriented, in-depth discussion of practical problems in party building and Party member work, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the meeting, and the quality of democratic life will be significantly improved。

      9.On the issue of "irregular personnel management"。

      (23) For the "special review of cadre personnel files is not standardized。There are 17 middle-level deputy cadres above the company did not conduct special audit;Special audit appointment and removal form filling is not standardized, lack of my opinion;Some personnel special audit appointment and removal form, not in accordance with the provisions of my file.。Act and make changes,The cadre personnel file has been reorganized,Check the gaps,At present, the company has 58 middle-level deputy and above personnel,Except for 11 people who did not hold files in the company due to reasons such as buyout,The files of the remaining 47 people have been reviewed,Found that the special audit appointment and removal form filled in non-standard 3 problems have been rectified。

      (24) In response to "the lack of professional personnel in the company。Of the 150 full-time employees of the agricultural materials company, professional employees such as soil fertilizer and plant protection account for 20%, and marketing talents such as marketing and e-commerce account for only 5%。The first is to formulate a talent introduction plan, further strengthen the talent cultivation and introduction mechanism, and cultivate and introduce professional counterparts. As of June, three professionals have been introduced。The second is to strengthen the internal training of employees. The fourth Friday of every month is used as a regular training day, and the cadres and employees are trained in agricultural technology, marketing, industry information and other knowledge to improve the professional quality of employees。

      (25) For "the construction of cadres echelons is unreasonable。Team members concurrently head of the department phenomenon is more common, the current leadership team of 3 people concurrently head of 4 departments, middle-level business backbone break, grass-roots front-line business personnel insufficient "problem。First, the division of labor of the leading team was adjusted, and the situation that the members of the team concurrently served as department heads was reduced。The second is to increase the intensity of personnel training and echelon construction, establish a clear employment orientation of heavy work, heavy industry and heavy contribution, further strengthen the internal training mechanism, the leading group and the company's middle-level cadres above all implement competitive recruitment, the implementation of term system and contractual management。We will set up scientific assessment methods and strengthen quarterly, semi-annual, annual and individual task assessment。

      (26) In response to "irregular selection and appointment procedures for cadres。On January 6, 2022, the publicity period for the proposed positions of the four comrades of the agricultural materials Company is January 6 - January 8, excluding the day of publicity and non-working days (January 8), the publicity period is only 1 working day。We will further standardize the procedures for selecting and appointing officials, strictly enforce the criteria for selecting and appointing officials, implement a system for documenting the entire process of selecting and appointing officials, truthfully record the work of each link and form documents and files, and comprehensively strengthen the supervision of the whole process of selecting and appointing officials and conducting backchecking of responsibilities。Since the inspection has been carried out so far, our company has no cadre appointment situation。

      (27) In response to the problem of "ineffective management and employment mechanism, poor implementation of the assessment reward and punishment system, and serious loss of business backbone"。The first is to formulate the Talent team Construction Plan, set up the talent work leading group, and clarify the content of talent selection and training planning, talent selection conditions at all levels, talent selection methods and procedures。The second is to highlight talent training, create an application-oriented talent training model, start from the material and spiritual levels, and build a talent training incentive system at all levels。The third is to establish performance-oriented and strengthen the reward and punishment mechanism of sales assessment。Establish a market-based salary distribution mechanism, set posts and levels and set salaries, easy to post and easy to pay, all front-line business personnel implement base salary plus commission system performance management, implement full sales, and stimulate the vitality and internal power of enterprise development。

      10.On the issue of "insufficient efforts in Party building"。

      (28) For the problem of "there is no special party building department and staff"。Immediately after the feedback of the inspection, a special party building work organization was set up and 2 staff members were assigned to concentrate on the party building work。

      (29) For "the proportion of middle-level cadres and party members is not high。Of the 48, 21 were non-party members, or 44 percent.。We should further strengthen the training of middle-level cadres, actively develop party members among middle-level cadres, and further improve the quality of the ranks。In 2023, three mid-level cadres have been developed as probationary party members。

      (30) The quality of political life within the Party is not high。There is a gap in the implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson" standard, and the Party branch manual is not standardized。The implementation of the regular heart-to-heart talk system is not in place。Strictly regulate the party branch "three meetings and one lesson" system,We will improve and revise the Rules on Decision-making on Major Matters, Rules of Procedure for Party Committees and other systems for intra-Party political life,As of June,Conduct regular heart-to-heart talks 12 times,For each party branch issued "Branch manual filling standard template" and regular inspection,Standardize and supervise the party branch manual filling。

      11.On the problem of "lack of sense of responsibility among cadres"。

      (31) For "weak awareness of active action。For some key and difficult work, there is a fear of difficulties。In the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the settlement of debts, the provincial social Party Group has repeatedly urged, and the progress is still slow。First, strengthen the responsibility, tree training brave shoulder the burden, can bear the spirit of responsibility, in the agricultural industry is facing oversupply, transformation and upgrading of the new normal of the key stage, the party and government team members lead by example。The second is to strengthen the training and education of cadres and staff, improve the ability and quality of employees, and enhance their self-confidence and initiative。The third is to produce and issue the "post responsibilities" of various departments, to clarify the responsible person and the responsibility area of the work, to avoid the situation of unclear responsibility and unknown tasks, and to improve the sense of responsibility of all cadres and employees。

      (32) For "lack of energy and spirit。The role of the incentive mechanism is not good, the rewards and punishments are not fulfilled in time, and 12 people in individual conversations reflect that they lack confidence in the company's prospects and their morale is low.。The first is to honor the rewards and punishments, and timely honor the 2021 rewards and punishments below the middle level, and improve the enthusiasm and initiative of employees。The second is to carry out regular heart-to-heart talks and grassroots research, strengthen heart-to-heart exchanges with cadres and workers, and promptly study and solve contradictory problems。The third is to strengthen staff training, actively organize team building activities such as theme Party day and staff sports meeting, and stimulate the work enthusiasm of cadres and staff。

      (33) For "the industry information and situation development and change is not high attention.。The initiative and foresight of the reform, development and change of the industry are obviously lacking, and the long-term planning of the company's development strategy is lacking。First, to further strengthen market research efforts, strengthen the daily communication with the head management institutions and associations of the industry such as the Agricultural Materials Bureau of the General Community, the China Agricultural Materials Circulation Association, and Guantong Futures, better grasp the industry information, and strengthen exchanges and learning with outstanding enterprises in the industry。The second is to further improve and revise the development strategy and objectives in 2023, based on collective sourcing and direct supply, taking new retail and digital operation as the means, and taking network construction business sinking as the starting point, and strive to achieve a significant increase in the scale and level of agricultural materials collection and direct supply, supply and stable price, agricultural machinery and equipment, facility agriculture and digital agriculture。

      (4) The implementation of inspection, audit found problems and theme education rectification is not in place

      12.On the problem of "inadequate rectification of audit problems"。

      (34) For "2019 Hebei New Cooperation Group's annual audit of the provincial agricultural materials Company.,And the special audit of Hebei Jixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in 2021,All proposed that Hebei Jixing Real Estate company developed the second phase of the South three in 2016 has reached the expected use state,Make audit recommendations to stop interest capitalization,It has not been rectified to date。Set up a reform, in view of the audit rectification problem one by one, the second phase of the southern three has stopped interest capitalization。

      13.On the "rectification long-term mechanism is not sound" problem。

      (35) For "the company lacks the spirit of nail implementation, there is a 'pass' mentality, and fails to organically combine rectification with daily work.。For example, in the past few years, the construction of the compacted network system has not been promoted significantly, and the market share has not been significantly improved。The first is to clarify the specific division of labor and responsible person of the rectification task, formulate a detailed timetable and specific rectification plan, decompose the rectification task into the daily work of each department, and establish a long-term mechanism and supervision mechanism。The second is to accelerate the construction of the province's marketing service network system,Give full play to the advantages of the sales network of 5 regional companies covering the province,Accelerate the Shijiazhuang International dry port agricultural materials warehousing and logistics project and the old city project,Completed the transformation and upgrading of 32 comprehensive service centers and demonstration stores in five regions of the company,And in Hengshui, Cangzhou, Handan, Zhangjiakou and other places to screen suitable sites,New agricultural supplies storage facilities, comprehensive service centers and demonstration stores。The third is to vigorously promote the unified listing of the company's original grass-roots network chain stores, strengthen corporate publicity, consolidate and expand the scale of business, and accelerate the formation of chain, brand, network management service pattern。

      Third, next steps 

      After 3 months of concentrated rectification,Although it has achieved phased rectification results,But against the inspection team's request for rectification,It is still necessary to continue to strengthen the awareness of rectification, continue to consolidate the rectification responsibility, and continue to increase the rectification efforts,Effectively apply and consolidate the results of these inspections,Focus on transformation,We will continue to implement the requirements for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,Take the rectification as an opportunity to promote the work to a new level。 

      (1) Do not reduce the intensity of the follow-up work of rectification。Adhere to the objectives of rectification, rectification will not be relaxed, and rectification efforts will not be reduced, further enhance political awareness, sense of responsibility and sense of danger, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of inspection and rectification, and earnestly grasp the follow-up work of inspection and rectification。Rectify the tasks that have been completed,Organize "looking back",Consolidate the achievements of rectification,Prevent the problem from rebounding;For problems that have not been completely and completely solved,Strictly follow the rectification plan,No relaxation, no decompression,Strengthen supervision and inspection,Ensure timely rectification;For items that need to be rectified for a long time,Stick to it,Complete rectification resolutely,To achieve practical results。 

      2. Thoroughly implement the responsibility of fully and strictly governing the Party。Establish a strong sense of discipline and rules,Adhere to the team with the team strict words,Stick to the above rate,Give play to the exemplary and leading role of the "key minority",Always use party discipline and government discipline to regulate and restrict their words and deeds,We will further strengthen our sense of responsibility,Promote the spirit of hammering nails,Major decisions, important work and key projects have been determined,Do everything to be seized, everything has been implemented。Persisting in fulfilling the main responsibility of comprehensively strictly governing the Party, persevering in implementing the requirements of "one post and two responsibilities" for team members, and truly implementing the decisions and deployments of comprehensively strictly governing the Party。Make unremitting efforts to change the style of work and promote the normalization and long-term development of style construction。 

      3. Establish and improve long-term mechanisms。Pay more attention to prevention while deepening rectification,Problem-oriented,Check the system backwards,Focus on key areas and important links such as the construction of Party conduct and clean government, and the selection and appointment of cadres,We will intensify efforts to build institutions,We will establish a long-term mechanism for managing people, affairs and power through institutions,Effectively manage a problem and improve a system,We will use mechanisms and institutions to consolidate the results of rectification of problems。On the basis of improving and improving the system, further serious enforcement of discipline, serious accountability, strict implementation of democratic centralism, strict implementation of the "triple one" decision-making system, heart-to-heart talk system, in order to continue strong supervision and inspection, conduct discipline pressure, to ensure that the rules and regulations take root and see results。    

      Cadres and the masses are welcome to supervise the implementation of the inspection and rectification。If you have any comments or suggestions, please inform us in time。Contact: Tel: 0311-68127017;P.o. Box: Jiayi Building, No. 3 Jiefang North Street, Shijiazhuang City;E-mail:。



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