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National Day holiday "I" in the service of agriculture and rural "do not close" - the Group company during the National Day to stick to the post to ensure the supply of agricultural materials

Release time: 2023-10-09


    The National Day holiday is the autumn harvest and planting season in Hebei Province,In order to ensure the requirements of wheat sowing agricultural resources,Group company general manager Sun Lei,Executive deputy general manager Yang Ruisheng,Deputy general manager Du Chao and Zhao Liqiang respectively went to the countryside in the province to investigate and guide the operation of agricultural materials,All business units and regional company personnel remain at their posts,Fighting on the front line of agricultural resources,We will effectively supply agricultural supplies,Make every effort to fight the closing battle of autumn agricultural resources management。

    September 30 - October 1,Sun Lei led the team to Yue town, Cixian County, Handan, Dongxuetun village, Nanhe County, Xingtai, which was severely flood-stricken, Wuzhuang Village, new development township of Jiulu Black Longgang Valley, diammonium operators in Weixian County, Qinghe Branch and other places to understand the fertilizer and sales situation,And visited Hebei Genduohui Hefei factory and other industrial customers。

    Sun Lei pointed out that regional companies should make good use of existing resource conditions, refrain from arrogance and laziness, learn from the older generation of agricultural workers to bear hardships and work hard, and run the spirit of the market, on the basis of fully understanding each county and township fertilizer varieties, dosage and customers, do professional sales personnel, do a line, fine line。At the same time, strengthen internal coordination, refine division of labor, and cooperate with Sibai, Jilong and other departments to develop services for new agricultural entities such as Wei Pear in Weixian County, and efficiently complete various tasks。

    From October 2 to October 3, Sun Lei and Zhao Liqiang went to the Cangzhou branch to supervise and supervise the work, conduct market visits to large dealers and grassroots distribution points, visit customers in the region, consolidate cooperative relations, and investigate the overall market situation in outer Fu, and plan the blueprint for the future development of the company in the eastern region。


    October 2 to October 3,Yang Ruisheng led the team to visit the grassroots stores in Shijiazhuang area,And has been to Baoding branch, Xushui, Anxin, Li County and other places,Inspection of county companies, large dealers and grassroots distribution points,Research on autumn fertilizer sales, price fluctuations of grass-roots fertilizer and grass-roots market conditions。

    From October 5 to October 6, Du Chao led a team to Baoding Branch, Shunping, Boye and other places to visit, in-depth investigation of local agricultural planting and fertilizer market conditions, and supervision of the western regional company's agricultural supplies and management work。

    During the National Day, the employees of various regional companies adhere to the frontline of their posts, cooperate in division of labor, and the links of goods off the station, warehousing, sales, distribution and payment are carried out in an orderly manner。At the same time, actively contact the major dealers and grassroots customer needs in the region, timely understand the market situation and price changes, constantly revise the sales strategy, so as to know oneself and the enemy, and effectively protect the market supply。During the period, more than 15,000 tons of various types of fertilizer were stopped。