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The group company held the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday arrangement and safety production work meeting

Release time: 2023-10-06


      On September 27, the Group company held a meeting on Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday arrangements and safety production in Hebei Agricultural Materials Building, and Sun Lei, general manager of the Group company attended the meeting and made a speech。The meeting was chaired by Executive deputy General manager Yang Ruisheng。

      The meeting pointed out that the current autumn harvest and autumn planting season is also a key period for the sale of agricultural materials, and the group company should give full play to the role of the main channel of agricultural materials circulation, improve the working mechanism of agricultural materials guarantee, set up holiday work classes, and make every effort to prepare fertilizer and medicine to ensure the smooth development of autumn planting work。During the festival, the relevant units should continue to increase efforts to do a good job in the distribution and supply of agricultural supplies, insist on fighting in the sales and production line, pay close attention to the market, and keep an eye on the key links, especially to do a good job in the autumn agricultural supplies in the areas affected by flood disasters in our province, and resolutely win the autumn agricultural supplies management battle。At the same time, it is necessary to continuously optimize the content and methods of agricultural supplies service, strengthen technical guidance according to the land and seedlings, carry out social services such as soil testing and fertilizer distribution, unified defense and rule, and agricultural machinery operation, effectively improve the quality and level of service, and provide a strong guarantee for the supply of agricultural supplies and agricultural production in autumn。

      Meeting requirements, continue to do a solid job in all safety work。Production safety is a matter of great importance, and we must keep ringing the alarm bell and make unremitting efforts。All units should take the work of production safety as a major political task to grasp, improve the political position, strengthen responsibility, clarify preventive measures, and consolidate the responsibility for production safety。Before the holidays, all units should organize personnel to conduct a safety inspection, comprehensively investigate the hidden risks of production safety, immediately rectify the problem, and make clear the time limit for rectification in place if it is difficult to rectify immediately。We will do a good job in preventing and controlling security risks in key areas, carry out in-depth inspections and tight control in key departments and regions, and effectively strengthen security precautions。Strengthen duty and strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership system。Strengthen traffic safety, driving out to strictly abide by traffic regulations to ensure driving safety。

      Sun Lei stressed that the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays this year are long, and all units should earnestly implement the holiday arrangements of the group company, and do a good job in autumn agricultural supplies and safe production, so that agricultural supplies and safe production are not wrong。

      Middle-level and above cadres of the Group company participated in the meeting, and staff on business trips and abroad participated through online video conference。