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Guarantee supply and stable price action together -- the Group company responds to the proposal of Yuntianhua

Release time: 2023-09-22

      This network news food security is related to the people's livelihood。Hebei Province as a large agricultural province, the grain output ranks seventh in the country, Hebei Province has always taken grain production as the "three farmers" work of the first task and top priority。In the second half of this year, Hebei suffered a major flood, in the case of tight domestic fertilizer supply, Ytianhua actively implemented the mission of "ensuring supply and stabilizing price", gave strong support to Hebei in terms of supply, and made great efforts to protect food security。

      As the backbone enterprise of supply and marketing cooperatives for agricultural services, our company has sincerely cooperated with Yuntianhua for more than 20 years, and has been highly recognized and supported the various calls of Yuntianhua。On the eve of the Chinese farmers' harvest Festival,Our company agrees with and actively responds to "guarantee stable price.,Celebrate the harvest together "initiative,And work hand in hand with Yuntianhua,We will always adhere to the service of "agriculture, rural areas" business purpose,Do our best to ensure the supply and stable price of fertilizers,Contribute to the strength of agricultural workers to ensure national food security。