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Gathering strength and joining hands in the future -- Hebei Agricultural Materials Group held the autumn 2023 product promotion meeting

Release time: 2023-08-17


       In response to the national call for efficiency reduction, to meet the actual needs of the majority of farmers, Hebei Agricultural Materials Group to increase product research and development and the introduction and promotion of new efficient environmental protection products, August 1, in Shijiazhuang City, Pingshan County Xibaipo held a 2023 autumn new product promotion meeting。Hebei Agricultural Materials Group Party secretary, vice chairman Ma Zhaohui, deputy Party secretary, general manager Sun Lei, executive deputy general manager Yang Ruisheng and other team members attended the meeting, the group's business companies, regional companies, directly under the head of the branch and the province's cities and counties dealers, planting representatives。Geng Xuguang, general manager of Hebei Sibai Collection Company, presided over the meeting。




      Yang Ruisheng first gave a welcome speech, and expressed sincere thanks to the guests, dealers and growers for their support to Hebei Agricultural Materials。Chen Zhiguo, a doctor of plant nutrition from Huazhong Agricultural University, senior fertilizer formulator and member of the polyglutamate project team of the National biological Pesticide Engineering and Technology Research Center, introduced the market prospect and application prospect of the new efficient fertilizer in detail。Wang Lihui, manager of the compound Fertilizer Department of the Group, analyzed the autumn market situation and introduced the Group's own brand products。Meng Xiangming, senior agronomist, introduced German potash products。Zhang Baolin, product application expert of the market service department of Yantianhua, introduced Yantianhua products。Elad, sales coordination manager of Israel Chemical Group, and Yu Peichuan, senior agronomist, respectively introduced the situation and product characteristics of Israel Chemical Group。Geng Xuguang, general manager of Hebei Sibai Collection Company, read out the sales policy of Hebei agricultural materials autumn products at the meeting。Then the spot order signing。

       Since the implementation of the "green agricultural materials" action,Hebei Agricultural Materials Group is oriented towards green development,We will accelerate efforts to improve the business structure,Vigorously promote efficient, environmentally friendly new fertilizer and new drugs and achieved significant results,Outstanding product effect,It can effectively improve grain yield and quality,The market response was well received,It is highly recognized by the majority of farmers。As soon as the autumn products were launched, they received a warm response, and the majority of dealers and large growers actively ordered, the atmosphere was very hot, the order quantity reached more than 10,000 tons, and the meeting was a complete success。

      Sun Lei finally thanked all the participants, pointing out that promoting the green development of agriculture is an inevitable requirement for implementing the new development concept and promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side。Strengthening the construction of the agricultural resources management network system and implementing the upgrading action of "green agricultural resources" are important measures for the national supply and marketing cooperation system to promote the green development of agriculture and rural areas, better serve the national food security and supply of important agricultural products, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization。Hebei Agricultural Materials Group will continue to carry forward the purpose of serving agriculture, constantly introduce high-quality and efficient new products, let the people use good fertilizer, to practice the national "weight loss and efficiency", "grain storage in the ground", help farmers increase production and income, achieve green development of agriculture, promote agricultural and rural modernization and rural revitalization contribution。