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Jixing property to carry out Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities

Release time: 2021-09-27


      The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, in order to carry forward the traditional Chinese national culture, promote the construction of a harmonious community, Jixing property projects to organize a variety of Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities, to create a peaceful festive atmosphere。

      On September 17, at the gate of Jixing Garden Community, in the early morning, property staff prepared a variety of mooncakes, so that the owners received a sweet mooncake as soon as they entered the door, but also received a sincere holiday blessing。

      The Jixing Garden Project Department prepared the oven and various fillings for making mooncakes, and organized the owners to make mooncakes by themselves。Owners enthusiastically participate in kneading, mixing, printing, baking, to see who does better, better to eat, property companies and the majority of owners actively interact, the atmosphere is harmonious, happy。

      The project department of Ximengyuan organized puzzles with prizes and mooncakes, which received positive response and appreciation from the owners。

      Through the development of various forms of Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities, enhance the communication between the property company and the owners of the community, enrich the amateur cultural life of the residents, and the community laughs and laughs together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival。