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Chairman's speech


        The rapid development of China's economy has brought huge business opportunities and challenges to various economic entities。Agricultural materials enterprises are also facing extremely severe market choices, seize the opportunity, in order to choose the future of the enterprise。

        In the face of fierce market competition, Hebei Agricultural Materials Group Company has built its own market platform with the enterprise spirit of "unity and cooperation, hard work, fulfill duty, strive for first-class and keep pace with The Times"。Reform of operating mechanism and management system,It has injected strong vitality into Hebei agricultural resources.The introduction of modern circulation methods such as chain management,It has created a smooth market network of agricultural materials in Hebei;Promote the "Fengan" modern agricultural service model,It has accelerated the transformation of Hebei agricultural materials into modern agricultural comprehensive service providers;From the main agricultural resources to real estate development, capital operation,To create Hebei agricultural materials "one main two wings" management pattern;From innovative enterprise management to enterprise culture construction,Highlight the new style of Hebei agricultural workers pragmatic and advancing。

        Every step forward of Hebei agricultural materials reflects the wisdom and hard work of the company's employees, and gathers the support and help of friends from all walks of life。I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you。

        Unity and cooperation have created the brilliance of Hebei agricultural materials yesterday, and unity and cooperation will lead the bright future of Hebei agricultural materials。We are willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to win a brilliant tomorrow。